Step 1: Briefing

During the briefing process, as much information as possible is gathered. Expectations and objectives are discussed, as well as a timeline and schedule.

Step 2: Research

Research is conducted on competitors to obtain a competitive overview. Information on the market is also sought as well as current and future trends.

Step 3: Brainstorm

Brainstorming draws together the information from the briefing and research. Select elements are tied together to convey a message to your audience.

Step 4: Mock-Ups

Mock-ups are rough sketches which materialize the ideas that have been previously brainstormed. Variations of key elements are positioned and arranged.

Step 5: Creation

Once a sketch is selected, variations of that design will be created. Client feedback is a crucial part of this step before final presentation of the design.

Step 6: Presentation

A final review and presentation of the end product and design. Once the green light is received from the client, final delivery begins in the desired final format.

Step 7: Delivery

A variety of print formats will be provided and/or the final design will be submitted directly to a printer or third party, depending on agreement established.