Words and Wine is a gathering of poets, musicians, and comedians held every Wednesday at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, Florida hosted by Nikki Rodriguez. Words and Wine originally formed in a living room 6 years ago. It was and always has been a platform for artists to truly express themselves. A blank canvas where poetry, music, expression, and movement come together through an open mic. It has been a nomadic event that has moved from venue to venue but have found a home at Churchill’s Pub, a mecca here in Miami.

I like to think of our open mic as a community, a family of sorts. A breathe of fresh air every Wednesday where we can all wave our Freak Flag.

Nikki Rodriguez

The color scheme of the logo was inspired by the traditional hues of wine. The shapes were inspired by the movement and flow of poetry as well as comic book “speech bubbles” to represent both words and wine.